"Just south of North Avenue, a bit west of Western"

We live in the suburbs. No denying it. Hence the subtitle of this new blog.

In fact, I've always lived in the suburbs. Sure, I lived in Champaign for four years and spent a bit of time after college on the northside with some friends, but I moonlighted @ home with my folks the whole time. (Ask my roomies...they'll vouch for that!) I ran for office in the suburbs and really enjoyed creating a community amongst our neighbors and friends.

Guess I'm just a suburban-type of guy.

In 2008, we moved. To. Another. Suburb.

Much to Nat's chagrin.

We picked Elmhurst for a variety of reasons - the right house, the right street, and the location of the town relative to work, family, and more.

When people ask where we live - which happens all the time - I never shy away from telling them we live in Elmhurst. I love the town. I love our street. I love how accessible Elmhurst is to just about everywhere.

Nat, on the other hand is a late comer. She has come to (I believe) love our close-knit street and community, but she yearns for the fast-paced always-on environment of the north/west side of the city. I don't blame her.

Evolving from those competing beliefs and desires, I often joke with Nat that, if it makes her feel any better, she can tell people we live "just south of North Avenue, a bit west of Western."

Which....looking at the map below is **somewhat** accurate depending on what your definition of "a bit west" really is.


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