Fitz's Spare Keys Elmhurst

Earlier this week, I mentioned that the old sign for Seven Ten was coming down and the new one for Fitz's Spare Keys was going up.  Yesterday, Nat and I were out enjoying the weather (yes!  It was 60 degrees in Chicago) and we spotted the new sign.
Looks like they've spent a few bucks to come up with a nice new logo and were able to successfully incorporate the old "Fitz's" iconography into the new place. go along with the new sign is a new Yelp profile.   I'm not sure if Yelp is "smart enough" to bring over the old Seven Ten reviews.  Maybe when a new restaurant "opens" - even if it in the same space/concept they give that restauranteur a fresh start.  Seems like I'll have to take one for the team and grab a Italian Beef Pizza with extra giardiniera to see if they've change the menu!  Anyone want to join me?


  1. I'll go with you, but only if they bring back the sprouts on the Hotel California. Bastards.

  2. Seven Ten Lanes was actually under a different owner, so I'd hope the Yelp people wouldn't transfer over the old reviews. It's a much much different place now with the new owners.
    (I've worked under both owners)

  3. So is Brendan's family gone then? It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world - I would just be surprised.

  4. Ive worked there for a number of years. Ive worked with both owners as well. The menu has yet to change but we are in the process and it is close to being completed. All the years I have worked there, everyone always asked for the sprouts off the hotel cali. I believe you are one of the first to want them.

  5. I've also worked for both owners and the new one smokes crack.


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