Fontano's Subs in Downtown Elmhurst

Last week, the Paupered Chef chronicled the state of the Italian Sub in Chicago.  They went to six different places in one afternoon and hossed down a sangwich at each joint.  An impressive feat.  They settled on J.P. Graziano's as the top dog - and I don't quarrel with that selection.  I haven't been before, so I can not judge.

I can, however, recommend that they should have added a stop to their tour.  Lying a mere eight blocks south of J.P. Graziano's is Fontano's Subs on the UIC campus.  Downtown Elmhurst is home to a Fontano's, too.  And that's where I get my Italian sangwich fix.

When I say "Italian sangwich", I mean I get to pick one of their SEVEN Italian combos.  Click the photo below to see the left side of the menu board featuring all SEVEN various ways you can mix provolone with salted, cured meats.  (pay no attention to the faux-Wrigley styled menu itself, please!)

Seriously...did you click on the photo?  Did you see the left side of the menu?  It is like I've died and gone to a salted-cured meat heaven. I included Fontano's in my list of "must eats" in Elmhurst earlier this week, I probably should have specified that my top dog sangwich is the Caputo with extra HOT giardiniera hold the mayo, no tomatoes.  Next time you are in town, make sure I take you to Fontano's for lunch.  


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