How the Trees Came Down in Our Backyard

This was the view looking out from our family room up until last Friday.  Lots of Blue Spruce in the way.  It was pretty, too.  In the winter, snow would pile up on the strong branches.  We'd have some wildlife making their home in the trees.  We liked it.  Unfortunately, they had to go.

The tree company made quick work by cutting out the bottoms of the trees and climbing up them.  I was surprised by the size of their saws - they were small - but I suppose that's because they're dangling from ropes as they climb.

They moved fast.  The first tree was toppled in 10 minutes or less.  

Removing all the branches makes sawing the stumps off easier, I suppose.

After the "back" tree was done, they went to work on the larger "front" tree.  

And like that...they were gone. 

The crew cleaned up the yard while one member ground the stumps.
They were good trees.  They'll be missed.  We'll replant something similar in some portion of our yard.  


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