New Coffee Shop Coming to Downtown Elmhurst

We already have Starbucks, Caribou and a local coffee shop First Cup crowding up downtown.  This weekend, on our walk around town Nat noticed that we are, apparently, getting another.  We snapped this photo on Park Avenue - south of the tracks - right near Lou Malnati's.
We're not sure what the "In addition" on the sign means, but I presume the place is set to be named "That Coffee Shop".  I can get behind the desire to support the local place over Starbucks, but can Elmhurst support two indie shops in addition to the 2 national chains?  Both have pretty good locations - near the train - but is that enough?  Our Starbucks recently was rehabbed - no Clover machine, though - and based on the lines there when I go with Nat, Starbucks isn't hurting.  It must be a tough market to compete in.

Instead of a coffee shop, why don't any of these entrepreneurs try something else?  I hear from my sister Vic good things about Two Toots.  With all these strollers rolling around town, you'd figure they'd do gangbuster's business.


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