You Write One Post on Bob Dylan...

And now my blog stats are FUBAR'd.  Over the weekend, the great Bob Dylan site linked to my Female Bob Dylan Impersonators posts.  I've been toiling along at here for a few months and have had some decent inbound traffic from various places including search.  Google Analytics was able to provide quite a bit of insight into what was 'working' and what wasn't.

Unfortunately for me, that's no longer the case.
When the flood of Dylan fans came a calling, my data - for the most part - failed to be very compelling for me any longer.  With a longer time horizon the insights will come back, but for now, the charts are basically flat - except for the "Day of Dylan".  There used to be peaks/valleys because all of the data was fairly clustered together.  Not any more.

I'm certain that I'm not alone in this happening to, but it sure would be nice for Google to allow folks to "throw out" certain days from the reports.  Would make my analytics account a lot more useful for day-to-day usage.

You're probably wondering....."What does this have to do with me?  Why is Jake telling us this?" has nothing to do with you actually.  Sorry.


  1. Ha, now you'll be getting another peak as this post has already been linked on ER.

  2. Maybe you wanted another spike in visits? Perhaps you can create a Dylan-related post regularly to drive up traffic, and find some way to reach those visitors with the regular point of site?

  3. I recently had the same experience, but since I don't chase stats, it doesn't disturb me in the least. It was an interesting glimpse into the power of Expecting Rain, and the power of the internet in general -- it doesn't take much to cross the tipping point. But in terms of what I do with my blog, and the readers I "target," the Dylan blip was just that: a blip. Just the same, I was really glad to contribute to that community.

    James Preller

  4. @jimmyprell - agreed! My blog audience is so small that when a big avalanche of folks come it makes a huge change in my stats. I like looking at the stats to see changes in my reader's behavior. I've been blogging for 6 years and if I was doing it to "chase" anything I'd have gone nuts by now!


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