109 W. Schiller Street - Commercial Real Estate in Elmhurst

Right in the middle of our downtown is a HUGE piece of commercial real estate that appears to be poised to help further enhance our City Centre.  It is located at 109 W. Schiller Street - right south of the York Theatre and just north of Plass Appliances.  They're billing it for lease right now (listing here), but I think it was for sale for a while.

It is the former Elks Club and I believe most of the space is on the second floor.  The developer has put quite a bit of cash into the redevelopment (and the listing reflects that investment).  They show this artist's rendering in the listing:
I found this article on the web which chronicles the steps they've gone through to make the street look "real".  They're hoping to attract a sports bar or restaurant into the second floor space.  We have a few watering holes including the Bowling Alley (Fitz's Spare Keys), Fitz's, and Buffalo Wild Wings already in Downtown, so I think Nat and I would prefer a restaurant to a sportsbar, but I'm not sure what the economics are in bar vs. restaurant.  The article talks about how everything they've done to the facade is 'real' and authentic.  Both Nat and I chuckled when we walked by and saw this:
Yes.  That is a faux wood door made of a sticker.  Authentic, indeed!


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