Authentic MLB Jersey Tags

Last Christmas, my brother-in-law Shaun gifted me a MLB Authentic Gordon Beckham White Sox jersey - a pretty great gift.  I haven't been to a game yet this season, so I haven't had a lot of reasons to break it out.  Until last Friday.  Nat came home from her morning activities and told me that we could go to the original Home Run Inn in Chicago on 31st Street and catch a live broadcast of Boers and Bernstein.  I came down from showering with a normal collared shirt on and she said, "shouldn't you wear something White Sox?"  

Hmmm...I thought.  Perfect time to break out the jersey!  I quickly ran back up and grabbed the still-new-tagged jersey from my closet.  

As I went to cut the tags off of the shirt, I was surprised by the number of tags.  None of them were price tags.   Wonder why so many?  Is it to make sure everyone involved (MLB, Players Association, etc) gets a piece of the action?

What's that?  I "yada-yada'ed" over the Home Run Inn experience and pizza?  Don't worry.  I'll get to the visit to the original HRI soon!


  1. Hey Jake, any activity on the "Elmhurst Stinks" front? It seems to be getting worse and I have an idea that I think may help.


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