Cake Girls Story: A Good Case for Cloud Computing

The Cake Girls Bakery burned down this past week.  Such a sad, sad story.  I do NOT want make light of the tragedy, so please don't hate me for saying what I am about to say.

But...there is a lesson there for small businesses.  Use the "cloud".  From the article:
Maher said that they are currently trying to retrieve order information from two water-logged laptops that they retrieved from the building. She said it would likely 'take months' before Cakegirls was up and running again.
There's something every business owner can take from this:  move from whatever your record keeping/order taking process is to the web.  Put your stuff in the "cloud" and you won't have to fish out a water-logged laptop if disaster strikes you.  It isn't easy to make the move, but it is freeing when you do.

I wish all the luck to the Cake Girls.  I don't know them personally - nor have I ever eaten one of their cakes, but from what I read, they'll not only come back, they'll be stronger than ever.  They're incredibly gifted and hard working.   And...I bet they'll start using the web to store their data.


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