Free Refills @ McDonald's - Same Visit Only

On Saturday, we packed up the Babe and headed out to the Kane County Flea Market.  We were rushed a bit - we got there late - but had a good time.  We bought just one piece, but made plans to come back later in the summer when we had more time.

On the way home, we had to utilize a McDonald's for the changing table - as the Babe needed a refresh.  I ran in to use the restroom while Nat took the Babe to the women's room.  As I was waiting for them to emerge with a clean diaper, I loitered around by the counter.  I haven't been in a McDonald's very often recently.  We do "go to" McDonald's but it usually the drive-thru for beverages.

In this particular McDonald's (and maybe all of them?), they have a "self service" soda fountain.  Above the machine was this sign.
The whole thing struck me as kind of odd and unnecessary.  I thought: "What kind of person would bring in a paper (probably disintegrating) cup to reuse at McDonald's." I stood there for not even 5 minutes (still waiting), I saw NOT ONE, but TWO different (independent) people walk into the restaurant with McDonald's cups in hands.  They went and set them down at a table and proceeded to order food (I was still standing by the counter waiting for Nat) without beverages.  They both then grabed their trays and came back with their cups to fill up.

I suppose the sign is needed after all.


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