Garage Construction Begins

Early yesterday morning our garage contractor showed up at our front door.  In his hand was this:
We had received our permits and we could start to move some earth!  Finally.

They walked around the yard for an hour or so scoping things out then got to work.  The first thing to go was our back fence.  We had a ratty chain-link fence along our property line facing our alley.  The guys backed their Bobcat right off of their trailer and started to knock it down.  Clearly this wasn't his first fence take-down.  He figured out a way to bend the posts down then use the shovel of the machine to act as a fulcrum and pop the post out - concrete and all - in one easy move.  Pretty cool.
As part of our garage construction, we're getting a new front driveway (not attached to the garage) and they're removing a lot of old cracked concrete from our yard.  You can see an old patio/slab in the photo above.  

After they took the fence down, they got busy excavating the garage floor.  He made quick work of it, but there is a lot of soil that he removed.  After a bit of back and forth, we decided to keep a bunch of the soil to grade elsewhere/use in raised beds, but we're having these guys haul off the majority.   That pile in the foreground is the pile we're keeping.  It is a lot, but there's easily 5X that amount that they're planning on hauling away.
After they had dug for a bit and began to bust up the old concrete, they stopped.  Unfortunately.

Seems as though the hauler - the guy who drives the big truck that they dump all this stuff into was running late and was at another job.  They couldn't keep framing the garage because they had to get their machines through the same space, so instead they just called it a day.  Or...rather a half-of-a-day.

They tell me they'll be back early tomorrow and we'll get the whole thing framed up, inspected, and poured.  If I've learned one thing from working with various contractors on the house it is this:  I'll believe it when I see it.


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