University of Illinois LAS Leaders Visit Google

I get the fortunate task of hosting groups of all types at the office most every week.  Acting as tour guide, giving an overview of the company and helping spread the gospel is part of my job.  (have I told you that I have the best job in Chicago?)  

Most of the time, the groups that come through aren't personally significant to me:  Ukranian Businessmen getting a week-long MBA from Kellogg,  journalists of all types, politicians. 

But last week, we had a group that meant something to me:  LAS students from the University of Illinois.  I've been a bit active in the Speech Communications Alum group and have met a few folks from the school as a result.  They subsequently asked if we could host a group of 20 Liberal Arts students for a half-day learning session (with lunch, of course!).

Hopefully, they enjoyed the day as much as I did!  


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