Fricano's Too in Holland: The Original Pizza in Michigan?

We spent some time this weekend in Holland Michigan and walked past Fricano's Too.  We had pizza at Silver Beach Pizza the night before, so we didn't eat here, but they make some big claims.
Original and most famous?

We'll have to go back to Holland later this summer to find out what the story is all about.  Has anyone been up to Holland?  Any intel on Fricano's?


  1. I'm here to tell ya... You should've made room for a Fricano's pizza that day! None of this American-ized, three-inch-thick, beef stew on a dough disc nonsense here! Fricano's are paper thin, 12" only, a little burnt around the edge of the home made crust, and is the best pizza you'll ever eat. I challenge you to NOT eat a whole one yourself! There used to be a news clipping by the cash register from a food critic who wrote for a major Chicago paper. He said that even after living in what could arguably be the pizza joint capital of the midwest, the Fricao's was the best pizza he'd EVER EATEN!


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