Hardings Market: This is NOT a Breakroom or Library...

Up at the Harding's Market in Michigan, there's apparently a problem with both employees and customers taking magazines into the bathroom.  The problem was so bad that they had to post this notice on the door:
You're probably wondering what I was doing in the bathroom of the grocery store.  No....it wasn't an emergency.  (Although, that has, indeed, happened to me in the past.)  Rather, Michigan is a state where you have to return your cans/bottles back to where you bought them for $0.10/a piece.  Unfortunately, most folks don't really "drain" their soda cans/beer cans/beer bottles before they put them in the bin.  They leave a little bit of liquid in the bottom, so when they end up in our bags to bring back to the store, the whole thing is a big mess.  After putting the cans into the machine, I use the bathroom to wash my hands.  

As a side note...make sure you shake out your cans/bottles in the sink, please.  So those of us who have to return them don't have to deal with the mess!


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