Home Run Inn - Through Thick and Thin Wedding Contest

Last week we were at Home Run Inn on 31st Street and saw a promotional flyer for their "Through Thick and Thin" Wedding contest - where couples can enter to win a dream wedding at Wrigley Field this summer (I took the photo below with my phone).  I immediately didn't understand how creative the marketing folks were at Home Run Inn.  See....there are two pizza companies sponsoring the contest:  Home Run Inn and Lou Malnati's.  Get it?  Thick = Lou's, Thin = Home Run Inn.  Pretty stinkin' clever.

If you are getting married this summer, just submit a 500 word essay and you and betrothed will be sharing your nuptials with 41,000 of your closest friends during the Sox/Cubs game on June 13th.

While I'm not thrilled with the location (what's wrong with Comiskey?!?!), I do think it is a pretty great promotion!


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