Hopleaf Chicago

To celebrate our good friends' recent engagement, Nat and I wanted to take them out for dinner/drinks.  One way or the other, we settled on Hopleaf in Andersonville.  Being a suburban Dad, I rarely venture into the city at night, so I wasn't the one to pick the place, but I'm thrilled that whomever decided on the location picked Hopleaf.

The place is known for their beer menu and long waits and they didn't disappoint.  Fortunately, we decided to avoid the Eisenhower and went up around O'Hare and took the Kennedy into the city.   By the time we arrived, our friends had already put our name in and grabbed a seat in the bar area - thus shortening the time we had to wait for a table.  
I won't go into a huge review of the place, but I will say that I'm willing to go back - and for a place in the city that makes you wait for a table - that is rare.

I had a beer from a Chicago brewery - Metropolitan called I-Beam Alt and the ham and cheese sandwich (they have a much fancier name than that, but it really is just a ham and cheese sandwich all gussied up). Both were tasty.

But the company was better.  These are some of our dearest friends and I relish every chance I get to spend time with them.  Congrats, guys!  (And...what a ring!)


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