Solving our Basement Water Problem by Burying our Downspouts

Say hello to my Saturday.
Seriously.  This was (for me, at least) a pretty serious DIY project.

Since we've moved in, one of my "to do's" has been to work on "sinking" a drainage system that diverts the water from our gutters away from our house and to a low spot in our yard.  When it rains hard, we get a little bit of seepage into our basement.  Not a lot of water, just some dampness.  I am hypothesizing that it was because the water would run from our downspouts and into the ground next to the house.  because of grading, the land contoured back towards our foundation.

I went to Menard's early this morning and bought 10 10-foot lengths of sewer pipe and a whole series of joints and connectors.  I have put in a "T" in the middle as I'm planning on putting in a surface curtain drain - right in the middle of our new vegetable/victory garden.  The trench still needs to get filled in, but I'll get to that after I ensure the system 'works' - after a big rain.

I tried those flexible downspout extensions, but they didn't work.  This is a much more "serious" solution and should be a significant upgrade for our house.

I need this to "work" - and keep the basement dry.  Because...finishing the basement is on that same "to do" list.


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