Special Persons Day @ Field School in Elmhurst

Last Friday, I spent some time at the Field School in Elmhurst as a "Special Person" of my nephew.  One day a year, every kid in the school gets to nominate a "special person" in their lives to come into class and see what they do at school.

My nephew asked me to show up late in the day for his First Grade class.  He's really come a long way in just one year.  Last summer, he was living with us and really didn't have any reading skills.  His teacher was very proud as each of the kids in class stood up and read stories that we wrote together.

My nephew and I had a great time writing our story.  It was supposed to be about a butterfly, but ours ended up being about his favorite "game" - Electric Hotdog Fighting.  I put game in quotes because it doesn't really exist, but he wants it to so badly.  He said that the packaging will say something like "Hotdogs not included, just like batteries not included!"

I know I was his "special person" on this day, but I hope he knows he's one of my "special people" everyday!


  1. Awww... What a cutie! I'm sure he loved showing his classroom off!


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