Chicago Pizza Snob: DiMaggio's Pizzeria - Coloma, Michigan

DiMaggio's Pizza (site)
6410 Michigan 63, Coloma, MI 49038-9319, (269) 849-1521
Pizza Snob Says: DiMaggio's imports a twist on Chicago-style tavern pizza to Southwest Michigan.  With the new non-smoking law enacted, this family-run bar is all the more desirable.  Order extra, because the pies are just as good the next day.  If it makes it that long.  If you're a little uneasy about hunting, sit in the dining room, not the bar. 
Rating:  Five "Ats-a-Nice"

DiMaggio's of Coloma has been making pizzas since 1957 when Tony & Madeline DiMaggio purchased Serpe’s Inn from Mayme Serpe (Madeline’s sister). From their years of experience in owning a bar and restaurant at Belmont and Western in Chicago, they brought with them Tony’s family’s original Italian recipes and a love of cooking and bringing happiness to the table.

From their site they say:  "Tony and Madeline continued to bake delicious Chicago style pizzas, homemade lasagna, meatballs, spaghetti, Italian sandwiches, grill tasty burgers and serve many happy customers in the Lake Michigan Beach area. Tony and Madeline retired in 1972 and their son Vince took over the business, eventually expanding the menu as well as expanding DiMaggio’s itself. Vince managed the business for 33 years and now oversees the operation."

They bill themselves as having the best/most original pizza for "miles around".  Since, according to Google Maps, they're 10 miles from Silver Beach Pizza, we'll say that's an accurate description.  
DiMaggio's is situated about halfway between Paw Paw Lake and St. Joe's.  For us, it is about a ten minute drive.  I've been coming to Paw Paw Lake for over 20 years and the first time I went to DiMaggio's must have been four years ago.  Since I was coming up with my folks all these years, we didn't dine out all that often - preferring to grill hot dogs or burgers back at home. 

The menu features things like sandwiches and pasta, but the main attraction here is the pizza. 
They serve two sizes - 12" and 14", but we've only ever bought the 14"-er.  Nat doesn't eat sausage, so when went last, I convinced her that pepperoni wasn't so bad.  (although....I usually only will eat a pepperoni pizza if it is covered in sausage, too!)

They cut the pies in a modified tavern cut.  Instead of having any middle squares, they just put one cut down the middle, so each piece has a little bit of crust.  Having grown up on tavern cut pies, I miss the middle pieces.
If you get disturbed by hunting photos, stay away from the bar.  Turns out someone involved (the owners, I suppose?) is into big game hunting.  This asshole has taken down a zebra and other big animals - and has the photos to prove it.  It is a bit unnerving to see all the photos above the bar.

But...that doesn't take away from the pizza.  If you're in southwest Michigan and not interested in the wait at Silver Beach Pizza, head to DiMaggio's in Coloma and you won't be disappointed.


  1. Have you got something against hunting and humters jerkoff? Sounds like the ramblings of a tree hugging peta member.


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