Just About Right...

Friday morning, I was out running errands - returning pavers to Menards, getting gas, and getting Nat's car washed.  On the way home from Menards, I spotted this DIY wash place right on North Avenue.

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Normally, we go to the Delta Sonic a bit closer to home, but I was feeling cute and decided to check this place out.  Turns out, for $5.00, you get a 5 minute vacuum and a 10 minute wash including wax and special wheel cleaner.  Pretty good.  The Delta Sonic mid-grade wash is $10 and it doesn't include wax nor anything inside, so I figured I was ahead of the game.  The only issue is that this place doesn't have blowers to dry.  You have to bring your own towels.  Now I know.  Next time, I'll bring all my supplies (Armor-All, TireShine, etc) as well as towels to get a good spot-free finish.

I left the wash and hit North Avenue heading home feeling awfully prideful of the clean job I did, but also the deal I discovered.

Then...out of nowhere, this happened:
Seriously?!?  It couldn't have been 30 seconds after I left the wash parking lot (if you look at the photo, you can still see the water beading on the hood of the car!).  And...it wasn't an ordinary bird dropping.  It was a HUGE dump.  Like the size of a catcher's mitt.

Label me officially humbled.  And....bummed to have to break out the windex when I arrived home.


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