Maisy The OG - Original Girlfriend

Those of you who knew us B.E. (Before the Babe), you need no introduction to this lovely lady.
For those of you who don't, Ms. Margaret Thatcher Moran Parrillo.  We call her Maisy.  She's not getting near as much attention as she used to, but (as we call her) the Original Girlfriend has managed to make it through the first six months of the Babe's life.  Now that she's starting crawl, Maisy is in play and close to eye level.   Even though she's now second banana, she still was first and that matters for something!  She just turned five a few weeks ago and still has her puppy moments - even with all the sleep she does everyday.

The Rooster, as we call her, is such a good girl (even she's awfully needy) and as I keep telling her, she'll be besties with the Babe as soon as we introduce Cheerios on the high chair.


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