Meet the New Boss...

Now that you've properly been introduced to our dog, it is time to tell a little story about her personality/smarts.

Last week, we came home to find our air conditioner had stopped working.  ( wasn't the storm that flooded the Palmer Underpass, it was a different one.)  Well....actually, it was the furnace fan that failed (again) that caused the problem.  We were getting cold, conditioned air, but it wasn't going anywhere because the fan couldn't push it anywhere.

Our house is set up like a traditional bungalow - 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs.  Normally, we sleep upstairs along with the Babe and Maisy sleeps in her bed in my office (one of the bedrooms downstairs).  The A/C had failed earlier in the summer, so we had borrowed a window unit from my folks.  Fortunately, that happened to still be in our basement.  After a bit of consultation with my dad, we settled on putting the window unit in our dining room - which would (hopefully) cool the whole first floor over time.  It was centrally located, but it could reach our family room and kitchen as well as the two bedrooms downstairs.
All of this set up is to tell you guys that dogs know how to send a message.  Especially this smart girl sleeping on our couch.

Because of the heat upstairs, we knew we were sleeping downstairs, but so too was the Babe.  I set up her pack-and-play in my office (where Maisy normally sleeps) and we set up in the other bedroom across the hall.  We figured Maisy would sleep in her bed and all would be normal.

Soon after we settled into bed, both Nat and I heard Maisy stirring around.  We told her to go back into her bed and she quickly disappeared.  No big deal we thought.

You need to know that up until now, Maisy and the Babe had very little of a relationship.  When she's crawling around on the floor and the dog passes by, the Babe reaches out to grab her and Maisy scurries away.  It would appear to most observers that Maisy has little interest in the Babe.  When I sit on the floor to play with the Babe, Maisy's jealousness shines through and she physically injects herself in between the Babe and myself.  She's clearly trying to make sure I don't forget about her.

Back to the story....

I woke up early the next morning and went to work before anyone else awoke.  Nat and the Babe woke up and went about their morning routine.  Nat went looking for Maisy and couldn't find her.  She finally found her sleeping on a pile of clothes in my office closet (that isn't all that strange -she does that all the time).  Nat let her out the backdoor and went on with the caring/feeding of the Babe.

Needing a change of clothes for the Babe, Nat went upstairs to the nursery to discover a terrible odor.  The heat of the house up there made it even worse.

In the middle of the night, Maisy had sauntered upstairs (mind you...since the Babe was born, Maisy has been banished from upstairs and hasn't been up there in 6+ months), took a dump (she hasn't pooped in the house in 4 years), and left it there for all to see.

"You sleep in my room....I'll take a steaming dump in yours."

That, folks is how you send a message.


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