Park Ridge City Council Listening Post at the Farmer's Market

Last Saturday, Nat, the Babe and I, went up to Park Ridge to hit their Farmer's Market.  We were in Michigan and missed the Elmhurst Market earlier in the week.  Both Nat and I were after some produce; her for baby food, me for pickling and such.

The Market, itself, is pretty nice.  Small and compact, it gets hot because it is, like many, in a parking lot that reflects the days heat.  Saturday was also the same day as the Taste of Park Ridge, so I can't tell if the crowds were heavy/light compared to other weeks.  Some of the vendors were vast, some were pretty sparse when it came to produce.  They do have a really neat knife sharpener with a HUGE old-fashioned wheel that uses to sharpen knives on site.

All that was great, but the one vendor that stuck out for me was the Park Ridge City Council.  They have a Listening Post set up each Saturday morning and it was filled with elected officials and residents.
Not sure when this started, but this is a pretty smart move.  Talk about open or transparency.  Come down on a Saturday morning, buy a little sweet corn and bend the ear of your Mayor or Alderman.  I have a few friends who are on city councils/county boards.  Guys....if you are listening, propose this NOW.  Kudos to Park Ridge for having this set up for their constituents.


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