Pizza Types: Sicilian vs. Grandma

A few weeks back, Nat bought me a pizza magazine/book that I devoured.  In the back, there was a list of pizza terms. The breakdown of Sicilian and Grandma pizza stuck out to me.  The rest of the magazine/book (I use that term because the form factor was more magazine-like, but it was ONLY about pizza and isn't a periodical, so it is more book-like in that respect.), was equally pizza-tastic.  I'm sure I'll share other bits later.

Back to the pizza styles, right?  Well....I've been hearing more and more about these styles of pies and I always assumed that they were the same.  Nat's mom makes a version of Grandma pizza and it is soooo g.o.o.d.  

Sicilian pies have NO cheese.  I didn't know that.  Now you do, too!  Grandma pizzas have diagonal sauce lines.  Neat!  I made pizzas last night at the Moran's that were a hybrid Grandma/deep dish/Chicago thin style that turned out pretty neat.  Cornmeal crust, crispy all-the-way-through topped with smoked cheeses and provolone.  Sauce on top.  I'll make it again - and try to replicate what I did!


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