Sun-Times: Wrong Illini Coordinator

Last week, the Sun-Times ran a wrap-up story on the Illini football season and included a photo of Defensive Coordinator Vic Koenning.   They also included a photo inset of what they claimed to be Offensive Coordinator Paul Petrino.
The issue?  They used two photos of Koenning.  It isn't even close.  Take a look at what Petrino looks like:
A quick glance at the hairline of the guy in the inset photo will tell the photo editor that they have the wrong guy.  I don't mean to pick on the SunTimes - in fact we get both the Tribune and ST delivered to our driveway each morning.  I pick up the S-T first and prefer the sports coverage over the Trib's.  But they should know better than to put 2 photos of the same guy together!


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