6th OGB Post: Super Bowl Trends 2011

One of the projects I've taken on at work is developing a "voice" around sports, sporting events, and the business of sports.  The first big step forward is in the shape of my 6th Official Google Blog post which covers trends leading up to the Super Bowl.  You can read it here.  Three of my six OGB posts are now sports-related (Olympics, Stanley Cup, and now the Super Bowl), so I'm already a bit down the path of covering sports.

This post was a lot of fun to write and came together quick - once I started to type.  Having offices in both Pittsburgh and in Madison Wisconsin gave me some good fodder and some of the trends I unearthed are pretty fun.  Like....Wisconsin residents idolize the Packers much more than Lady Gaga!

However, the most interesting part (and...we'll know a lot more after the game tonight) is that I *think* I have created a new Sports Illustrated jinx.  If the Steelers win, my theory holds up:  The QB with the Google Search Query Volume lead heading into the game will lose.  As you can see in the chart below, Rodgers is up on Big Ben:

What's next for a sports-related OGB post?  I'm thinking the Masters?  But that isn't until April.  Has to be March Madness, right? 

Official Google Blog: It's Googler v. Googler this weekend as the Packers and Steelers face off

For those keeping track at home, here's the full list of all SIX of my Official Google Blog Posts:


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