Buck Range Light Beer

My days as a beer-spotter continue as I found a bunch of 12 packs of Buck Range Light beer on an end cap near the dairy section at the Elmhurst Jewel.  There are both Miller and Bud products (as you can see) on the lower shelves, so this stuff clearly has priority placing by whomever is merchandising this space in the store.

Priced about the same as Big Flats 1901 Lager, Buck Range comes in at less than 50 cents a can - which isn't terribly bad, especially for the Elmhurst College crowd.  But...can't you still get a $9.99 30 pack of High Life Light these days?

As for the beer itself, there isn't much on the web to find out if this stuff tastes any good, but I'm guessing it falls down  near Milwaukee's Best and Natural Light.  I *think* it is new to market - as I sure haven't seen it before - and can't find much about it.

Even the guys over at Beer Advocate haven't posted on Buck Range Light yet!


  1. This is a Supervalu brand beer.

  2. And Jewel is Supervalu. Private Label Beer...I didn't think you could be a distributor and a retailer...how does that work legally?

  3. Cheapest beer I have seen in TN is $8/12-pack. Is it a sin tax? Not sure...

  4. must be, right? Are bottles of whiskey cheaper in Tenn? Local discount?

  5. No...same issue...I need to import from Illinois!

  6. I drink Buck Range a decent amount because it's the cheapest beer where I live by far. It doesn't taste too bad actually but it's only 3.6% alc/v, which probably explains why.

  7. Mountain Crest, available in Minnesota. $8.88/Case. Epic (failure)


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