Home Run Inn Ultra Thin - Only 280 Calories

Speaking of Home Run Inn, you are eating their frozen pizzas at home, right?  According to their billboards on the expressway, they're the number 1 frozen pizza in Chicago!  Pretty neat stuff from a family-run business.  I usually root for the little guy, so when a operation like Home Run Inn beats back the behemoths at places like Kraft, it reinforces my ideas about entrepreneurs and success!

The company has recently rolled out a line of "Ultra Thin" frozen pizzas (at least...I think it is "recent"!  I've just started to spot them in 'my grocer's freezer'!) and for those of you who are like me - watching their waistline - this new 'Ultra Thin' pie carries with it some great news:  the 6" cheese personal ones ONLY HAVE 280 calories!

That makes these things like the Michelob Ultra of frozen pizzas! You can barely eat a handful of preztels without getting to 280 calories, right?  Home Run Inn has always boasted about using "all natural" ingredients and NEVER using transfats, but I don't think they've ever boasted about their calorie counts.  Based on these being only 280 calories for the entire personal pie, sounds like they should be!


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