Rahm Emanuel - At Our Office

With the election for Chicago's Mayor set for tomorrow, it is all everyone is talking about in the papers this morning.  My employer was fortunate to have Rahm Emanuel come by for an hour and a half of tour and discussion with my fellow employees about a wide range of issues including bike lanes, CPS, wind energy, crime and more.

I was able to host him and his staff on the tour and speak to him about issues and the city.  While he certainly is qualified to lead our city, I came away from my time with him impressed by his knowledge of the issues he cares about and his clear passion for getting the job done.  
Are you voting tomorrow?  I don't live in the city, so I can't, but of the choices, I think he'd get my vote.


  1. I voted for him Friday. He's going to win without a runoff!


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