114 W. Park Ave - Elmhurst - Storefront Opening in Downtown

I was picking up our pie at the local Lou Malnati's last week when I can across this note in the window of Choi's nails on Park Avenue.  Seems they're moving across the tracks to a new location.
Choi's nails is moving into the opening that was created when Aisle Style bridal salon closed recently and will fit in a spot right between Armand's and a Dry Cleaner and Fontanos.

The 114 W Park Ave location is looking for tenants and has billed the location as being on the "coming home" side of the tracks.  but with all the openings in downtown, I'm not sure what will open here.   I guess that we should be happy that Choi's nails is staying here, but to be perfectly honest with you, I'm not all that excited by having another nail salon show up in what could be considered a prime location - right across from the train station.

I know the economy is still lumbering along, but with the factors that make Downtown Elmhurst so promising:  the theatre crowd, proximity to Elmhurst College and that untapped crowd, and the tax incentives the city is offering, I have to believe that we can do better than more nail salons.  The recent opening of both Pints Elmhurst and Charlie's are good starts, but what about retail?


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