Asparagus Fern - A Way to Remove VOCs

A week or so ago, my sister sent me an article (like this one - but I don't think that was actually the one she sent) that had all these alarming stats about the air quality in our homes during the winter and how these things called VOCs get built up.  I had never even heard of VOCs, let alone knew that they were doing so much damage to our lungs.  VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that come from a wide range of things in our homes like paint and furniture and cleaning supplies. 

Turns out, because of these VOCs, the air quality *in* our home may be worse than the quality *out* of our home.

This note she sent me said that all is not lost; that there was something you could do to help clean the air in your home:  buy one of these five plants.  Armed with the list of the five plants, I went off to Home Depot to see what I could turn up in the garden center.  On the list was something called an Asparagus Fern and after some digging and Google Image searching (the plants at Home Depot aren't labeled well), I found what I was looking for.  Just $2.98, too.

I replanted the fern into a pot that we had in the garage and now this guy is now (hopefully?) cleaning our air every day.  Here's to a healthier household.


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