Butternut Squash Seedlings - One Week Later

Just one week later, and the butternut squash seedlings are going crazy.  I'm on my way to Menards to buy some larger pots for these guys - as it seems they're on the verge of outgrowing their current home.  One of my concerns is the roots becoming entangled and leggy. 

As an aside, I'm learning - a little too late - that I think I started these things a bit early.  I'm fearful that by having to wait until after the last frost (May 1-ish), these may end up spending too much time in their pots.  The book I just picked up from the library is telling me that in Region/Zone 5 (which Northern Illinois is in), I should be planting my seeds closer to mid-March.  NOT mid-February.  Oh well.  At least I can call this a learning experience.


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