Dannee Polomsky for Elmhurst 3rd Ward Alderman

With the election less than 30 days away, it is time for everyone in Elmhurst to get focused on the upcoming votes we're all facing.  Like it or hate it, EVERYONE in Elmhurst needs to care about what the City Council will choose to do in the coming years.  Raising our taxes, solving the flooding issues, keeping us safe, and getting rid of the skunks are all concerns we have.  On April 5th, 2011, we can start to make choices about our representatives at City Hall who are willing to listen to our concerns and bring our values to the City Council.

Fortunately for me (and...for you, too!) , Dannee Polomsky, one of my neighbors is running for Alderman of the 3rd Ward in Elmhurst.  I've decided to support her and her campaign because I believe she'd do a great job for our neighborhood.  I recently wrote a letter to the editor supporting her campaign and sent it around to various publications including Elmhurst Patch - who ran it on Friday.  (Thanks Patch team!)  I think I have a pretty good perspective on local government - having served in two roles over the course of 8 years in Frankfort.  Here's the full letter - and if you live in the northern part of Elmhurst, you should join me by getting involved in Dannee's campaign here.
Like many of you, I love Elmhurst.  I’m actually fairly new to the city having moved here in late 2008.  What drew me here were all the things that make Elmhurst a great place to live and raise a family:  the location, the charming downtown, the neighborhoods and most importantly, the welcoming nature of the people of Elmhurst.  Elmhurst is a city at a crossroads.  In just a few short weeks, many of us will have the opportunity to go to our polling places and cast our votes to make the changes necessary to keep Elmhurst that great place to live. 

You see, I moved here from Frankfort, a southwest suburb in Will County, where I was a two-time elected village trustee.  From that experience, I know what it takes to make local government work, and being a resident of the 3rd Ward, I’m fortunate to have a candidate running for alderman who understands our concerns. On April 5, I’m voting for Dannee Polomsky for 3rd Ward Alderman, and I urge you to join me.  

Municipal government is the closest form of government to our everyday lives:  from our garbage pickup to snow plowing to stop signs. But more often than not, it is also the most distant and difficult to understand and navigate. Dannee Polomsky has a plan to bring a new level of openness and accessiblity to the office of alderman and has pledged to solicit ideas and feedback from residents of not just the 3rd Ward, but across the city.   

After all, isn’t that all that we want in our elected officials, someone who will honestly listen to our concerns, be open to feedback, is tough and will represent our issues at City Hall?

They say you can’t fight City Hall, but with Dannee Polomsky as our alderman in the 3rd Ward, City Hall will be fighting for us.


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