Kirkland Handcrafted Ales at Costco

After spotting (and documenting) the new Walgreens house brand of beer called Big Flats 1901 Lager and the Jewel brand Buck Range Light, I figured I should share a photo of another house-brand that I spotted:  Kirkland Signature Handcrafted Ales.  This is a 24 pack - of four different six packs including a Pale Ale, Amber Ale, India Pale Ale and a Belgian White all for $18.99. 

The guy in front of us in line was raving about this stuff - and said that it is all he serves at parties and drinks at home.  If Nat doesn't like it when we serve Miller High Life at our get-togethers, I doubt she'll get behind a house-brand, right? 

Anyone tried this stuff? 


  1. tried a couple of cases a year or so ago, not bad, cheap @ 19/case when compared to anything else of the sort that's branded

    however the assortment is not so much to my taste

    guessing if they'd split the SKUs they'd sell a lot more of it

  2. Jerome - I have to agree! 2 Pale Ales? Seems like having half of it being PA's is too much when there is such great variety of beers out there today. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. The house of Kirkland must be very busy everyday. They produce awesome ales which are purely done without using any machines.

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