Pizza Palace Elmhurst

The first time I had pizza in our new house in Elmhurst, we ordered from Pizza Palace.  We were having a painting party with our relatives and had to order something on the spot.  One way or the other, I ended up with getting a few pies delivered and I was happy.

I've subsequently started to order from Mama Maria's, but recently decided to head back to give an in-person try to Pizza Palace.  Nat was going out for the night and it was going to be me and the Babe alone for dinner.  What better thing to eat than sausage and pepperoni, right?

Pizza Palace is on Addison Street - right behind the main drag called York in Downtown Elmhurst.  The place is a pretty unassuming bar with a dining room bolted on the side.  We sat in the bar in a booth and waited to see if someone would join us in this fun 70's era table.

Since my dining companion is 14 months old, we chose to eat at 5:30 pm on a Wednesday.  Aside from one older lady by herself at the bar, we were all alone.  By the time we left close to 6:30, there were a few more folks streaming in, but this place certainly wasn't packed.  I ordered my standard pie:  Sausage and Pepperoni, Well Done.  Me and the Babe shared a small and we had to bring some home. 

The pizza - when cooked well done - comes out crisp, hot and delicious.  Tavern cut, of course, Pizza Palace isn't doing anything particularly fancy, but my experience has been that they're fairly consistent.  What you order is what you get - time and again. 

The crust has a nice bit of char on the bottom edge - as viewed here via the usual pizza upskirt.  These are greasy pies, but I think if you are eating tavern-cut pizza, in a're expecting that, right?

While, for the most part there aren't any surprises, there was one big one:  their Parmesan cheese on the table in the shakers.  This stopped me in my tracks.  It seems that they don't use run-of-the-mill dry Parm that every pizza joint uses.  Take a look at the photo below.  See the odd chunks and strands?  I *think* they might actually grate their own.  Or at least use a pretty high-quality variety of cheese.  Seems out of place in this place, but maybe *this* is why it is, indeed, called the Pizza Palace?
All in all, I might have a new go-to place for dine-in pizza.  Not sure I'll stray from Mama Maria's for take-out, but who knows.  All pizza bets are on the table.

Oh....And...what would a palace be without a proper Queen?  


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