Tom and Eddie's - Fancy McDonald's in Lombard

I know this may be hard to believe, but Nat doesn't like pizza as much as I do. Because of that fact, we (unfortunately) have to go to restaurants OTHER than pizza joints. One of those was Tom & Eddie's in Lombard.

Tom & Eddies is an upscale burger place that was developed by two long-time McDonald's execs.  Their story has been covered elsewhere and it, indeed, is an interesting story line.  These two guys are going after the fast, upscale casual restaurant dollar.  Fancier than Chipotle, but as fast and casual as Panera.

The burgers were good, but not extraordinarily memorable - as noted because I can't quite remember what I had to eat.  Nat had a Turkey burger and loved it.  We'll go back, but the burgers are only a small reason why.

The place is sleek, welcoming, and bright.  And the folks who work there (Who I think(?) were actually Tom and Eddie) were great and warm.

The pieces of the place that are the most fun (for me, at least) were how they made your visit so very customizable.  Starting with the burgers and sides (sweet potato fries, FTW!) and leading right into the soda machine.  Look at those options!  Sure, there's the Coca-Cola products, but they also have a bunch of Boylan natural sodas.  Nice!
And the options to customize your experience didn't end there.  Right next to the soda machine is this amazing rack of sauces, mustards and ketchups.  Organic ketchup!
They also have this weird contraption on your table that we didn't utilize, but I think you can alert a waitstaff member to come over if you press a button. 

All in all - a solid experience and a place that is kid friendly with good chow.  Anyone else experienced this place? 


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