7th OGB Post: Final Four 2011 Trends

As I've mentioned before, I've taken on the task of penning a series of "sports trends" blog posts at work as one piece of a effort for the company to create a "voice" around major sports events and in the sports-specific media.  Yesterday, on the Official Google Blog, we ran my latest piece on the 2011 Final Four and search trends entitled:  Searching for a Cinderella Story

As I've done in the past, we looked at search trends around the hot topics of March Madness and the Final Four.  With two good Cinderella stories in VCU and Butler, the search story lines are strong.  One neat point I think we drew out was how hoops crazy the State of Indiana is right now over Butler.  While in every other state Katy Perry trumps just about anything else search-wise, the Bulldogs of Butler have overtaken her this week.
The other fun part of this post was including a link to the Werner Ladder Company in the final paragraph about cutting down the nets.  They're the "official ladder partner" to the tournament - and quite possibly the BEST sponsorship in the sports:  they provide special ladders that the Champs climb to cut those nets down.   I am so pleased to be able to get in a little hat-tip to Werner and Equation Boy/Man!

For those keeping track at home, here's the full list of all SEVEN of my Official Google Blog Posts:


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