Cedar Summit Playground: Purchased

We did it.  We pulled the trigger on the playground purchase.  After a few weeks of research, we came to the conclusion that we couldn't beat the deal on the Cedar Summit Panorama Playset from Costco.  We went down to the Rainbow showroom and while some of their sets are spectacular, the prices were a bit rich for us.  Menards has build-you-own kits, but I'm not sure we could design and build something as nice as this Costco set. 

As you can see, it comes in six boxes - some of them HUGE.  It took some work, but with half of it on top of our car and the other half inside, I got it home. 

It now resides in our garage awaiting a warm weekend.  I have some groundwork to do in leveling and clearing the site as well as thinking about timbers to retain/hold in the mulch.  Hopefully by Memorial Day, we'll have the Panorama up and useable.


  1. How did you transport these boxes ? How big the biggest box ?

  2. I'd like to know this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ too.

  3. Just returned home from making this purchase based on great recommendations found on the Internet. We have a 2011 Chevy Traverse and was able to get all six boxes home in 2 trips. With all rear seats down, 5 of the boxes fit inside during trip 1 then it required a return to pick up the remaining large flat & almost rectangle shaped box. Almost all of the boxes but 1 are very heavy. Here are the approx sizes in no special order:
    Box1 110.25"L X 21"W X 7"D.
    Box2 110.25"L X 21"W X 3.5"D.
    Box3 30.5"L X 30.25"W X18.25"D
    Box4 49"L X 43"W X 5.75"D
    Box5 51"L X 43"W X 5.75"D
    Box6 43"L X 8.25"W X 6"D
    I hope this info helps ..have fun!

  4. I too couldn't pass on this Costco deal. I just got done assembling it. It took 2 and 1/2 days to complete. Do not mix up the wood from the box it came from, the directions tell you what box number to find the wood you need. Overall it is a excellent playset and my kids will enjoy it for years to come. I was able to get this in my Tacoma double cab in one trip. box four is the extra heavy and you need two people to move it.

  5. Thanks much for posting the dimensions and useful information ! This really helped.

  6. I would be grateful if anyone could comment about the durability of the Cedar Summit unit. I'm looking at a Rainbow (39E) but am balking at the price. I have three kids (6, 4 and 2) with another one on the way next Month. Whatever I buy I would like it to last 10 years. With the Cedar Summit stand up, or would I be better off biting the bullet and paying the extra for a Rainbow. I just don't want to drop the money on a Cedar Summit to have regrets in a few years. Thank you in advance for any thoughts.

  7. We've had ours for just over a month and couldn't be more pleased. It comes with a 10 year limited wooden component warranty and the quality of all the components is second to none.

    When you look around I think you'll see that this playset easily compares with units costing almost twice as much.

  8. How big is the fort foot print? I need to do a little excavating and leveling before I put this one in my backyard. I thing the main for is the only area I would need to make really flat. Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. Thanks for your detailed info on the boxes and build. It made getting this thing home and assembled much easier. We put in about 20 hours of assembly time and the fort and slide are complete. All that's left is the Swing set. A few tips.
    --Keep the parts in each box separated
    --They finally started marking part numbers on some of the pieces, always check the part numbers when available. There were 2 interchangeable pieces with different hole spacings.
    --if possible get 1 person to prep all parts and screws while another builds.

  10. Can anyone tell me which box the instructions and dvd are in? I want to take a look at them without searching each box. Thanks


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