Cedar Summit Playground: Day 3 Construction

I was able to haul both roofs up the ladder by myself and secured them into place - not without a bit of a struggle.  The cupola looks great up top, but turns out to be purely ornamental as it is completely closed in.  My Dad tells me that cupolas are meant to vent out the accumulated heat in roofs, but in this case, I have a feeling the the Babe isn't going to notice the heat up there.

I also was able to get the door on the clubhouse, the sunburst details in the gables and the bay window (facing the backside, unfortunately) installed.  Tomorrow, Nat's Dad is coming over to give me a hand and we'll get going on the swing bar assembly, the crowsnest and the slide. 

3 hours First Day
8 hours Second Day
8 hours Third Day
Total so far: 19 Hours by myself

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