Cedar Summit Playground: Done

With a HUGE assist from my father-in-law, this swingset is finally assembled.  Without his help, the slide most likely wouldn't be installed because both my limited skill set AND I would have likely used the wrong bit in the drill. 

Nat bought a special baby swing - which I put up on the right - and I installed just one of the 'normal' swings.  Next up is leveling of the ground, the installation of some timbers and then piling on a bunch of mulch to make the play area nice and safe. 


  1. How about some grass? Can we get some grass out there?

  2. ha! I purposely killed the grass that was there ahead of the build. I am planning on rolling out a thick landscape fabric followed by 4-5 inches of soft, spongy mulch!

  3. Looks great! We built the fort part this weekend and just have the slide and swing left. It looks like yours is sitting up on something? Did you put more dirt there to build it up, or is it on concrete? We dug out about 4 inches of dirt and then put wood borders all around ours and plan to fill with 9 inches of pea gravel...but now we have to figure out what to do since if we put 9 inches around the playset the door won't open! Curious what you did...

  4. I noticed you have the swing set part coming off differently then the picture. Was this an assembly option or something you did on your own? Also how long does it shorten the whole legnth too? I like the way you did it more just wondering how it worked out.

  5. Hi Jake,

    We have our eye on this play set as well. Since our local Costco has it in stock and has a $200 rebate right now. I noticed you altered the layout of the set though? Any issues with this? I contacted Cedar Summit and of course I got the "Do not alter the configuration" reply. I like the thought of the way you layed it out because of our space issue. Porch to fence is only 20'. So we were thinking of putting the clubhouse against fence with the swing running parralell to the porch. Thoughts?

  6. I'm planning to buy the set Also, and I really like how you changed the layout.
    can you take some picture of the mod ? thanks

  7. Hello! We just bought as well but want to reconfigure it to make it fit in our space. Do you mind taking a few picture from other angles? I would really really appreciate it.

    Ben and Rileigh


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