Paver Sealer - Wet Look from Menards

I finally bit the bullet and bought a 5 gallon drum of concrete paver sealer.  Menards (of course!) ran a sale on the stuff and with the 20% off discount, it was priced well. 

I've been slowly watching our backyard patio slowly fade from a beautiful multiple-color paver patio into a mostly blah tan-looking average patio.  This stuff - Ultra Gloss Sealer - not only claims to brighten/bring back the true colors of the pavers, but it also seals them down (plus the sand joints) and gives them a "wet look" permanently.  Well...permanently in this case is a few years until we have to re-apply. 

I have to hit the pavers with a powerwasher to clean them up, replace the lost sand in the joints and then leave it to dry.  The next morning, I break out the roller and cover the surface with this stuff.  24 hours later, the patio should look almost brand new.  As soon as I get to this project (hopefully) in the next week or so, I'll report back.  This 'to-do' list is getting pretty long at this point.


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