Gas Meter in Basement

If there is one truism during construction it has to be:  "There's always something."

Things pop up and slow you down (and cost you more money) all the time and this basement job is no different.  This specific instance is this odd configuration of gas pipes.  The plumber tells me that this rig was in place because (back in the day) gas meters were once hung in the basement.  Inside.

This is the remains of that configuration and the plumber who installed our fireplaces upstairs took a bit of a shortcut and never took this out.

It is going this week, but not before costing me a few days.  The plan was to get the drywall hung this week, but that is looking less and less likely.  Still have to plumb the bathroom/fireplace, insulate and have the carpenters come back to build one more soffit.


  1. What did I win for my Drywall over/under bet?

    Even in brand new houses there are things that popup.

  2. always something, Rick! As for the over/under time you are in the suburbs, I'll buy you a burrito!


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