Last Night's Tally: Halloween 2011

Last night's Trick-or-Treat totals are in and we had the biggest night ever.  269 total.   38 kids that we 'know' from the neighborhood, 215 kids that we 'don't know' - either from farther away than a few blocks or driven in from other parts of town/out of town, 10 adults with no kids, but had costumes, and six adults with no kids and no costumes.  We would have more of the latter category (either adults/no kids/costumes or adults/no costumes if we kept our lights on after 7:30, but Nat puts her foot down and calls shenanigans on them.

Kids we 'know' totals over the years:   37, 39, 38
Kids we 'don't know' totals over the years:  147, 181, 215

Last year, we had 226 total and in 2009, we were at 184.    Here's the tally sheet from 2010.


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