Ziosk Touchscreen at Chili's

We went out to Chili's recently and were greeted with a neat piece of technology on our table.  Or at least, on the surface it seemed neat.  Promising to eliminate the 'worst part of dining out - the inability to pay your bill and leave when you are ready', these Ziosk displays are supposed to allow you to order, pay your bill and even entertain you while you eat/wait.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, our device was frozen.  Then, it went through the boot process and we were stuck with this screen for 10 minutes.

When it finally started up, The Babe enjoyed the Puss-n-Boots movie trailer.  So, I guess you could say that it was a success.  Though, we didn't get to pay with it.  Maybe next time.


  1. imagine how germy that thing is... then you touch your food

  2. indeed. there's a stylus attached to the thing, but it just screams 'touchscreen'. In fact...I find myself touching lots of screens - like the dvd player screen in Nat's car. I keep trying to change the menu by tapping on it.

  3. People touch paper menu's as well......


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