Forever Bags - Bananas

I picked up these Forever Bags from Menards a few weeks back.  They were one of those "Pay $4.00 and get a $4.00 rebate back" type of deals.  Due to the frequency of my trips to Menards, I usually take a flyer on these things because I can typically spend the rebates on something I actually want.

The Forever Bags folks claim that these bags will extend the life of your produce by somehow removing the ethylene gas that gets produced.  Take a peek at those bananas above.  The one of the left was left out normally.  The two on the right were in the yellow bag.

I was skeptical, but the proof is in the photo:  they actually work.  Do they keep your bananas perfect?  Nope.  But, might they extend them by a few days?   Seems that way.


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