The Illini Hoops Coaching Search

Opening up the paper this morning, we're greeted with this headline (at the top) about the University of Illinois mens coaching vacancy.  By all indications, it looks like we're going to hire Ohio University's John Groce (said "gross") to replace Bruce Weber.   While I'm going to be a Groce backer, I have to admit that I'm a bit let down.  After what seemed like shooting for the stars (Shaka Smart, Brad Stevens), if feels like our Athletic Director is taking a clone of his football pick Tim Beckman.  A smart, up-and-coming MAC coach.  Not sure that's quite desperation, but man-o-man does Groce have a hill to climb with fans.  The environment on the Illini message boards isn't all that positive.  (I have no historical recollection of what the reaction was to Bruce Weber?)  What can he do?  First things first:  win.  Then, after that?  Bring in some of that Ohio State magic in the form of assistant coaches and what not.  Everyone wants to retain "Snacks" (and so do I), it seems pretty clear to me that the guys at OSU have done a better job of recruiting than we have for the past six years.

If it is Groce, then I'm all in with him.   Not my first choice, but now he'll be my favorite.


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