Mariano's Fresh Market Elmhurst - Confirmed

Per this blurb in the Elmhurst Press, we're gettting a Mariano's Fresh Market on the site of the old Elmhurst Ford.  More choice is good for consumers, so in addition to Mariano's bringing some new things to town for grocery shoppers, I'm hoping that the new competition will keep the Jewel on their toes more - because they're just two blocks away from our house and get (almost) all of our non-Trader Joe's shopping.

Here's some video of the annoucement:


  1. you'll love it. one went in on western/roscoe and it's great. all our friends love it.. i even hear people talking about it randomly on the street/train.

  2. Great to hear! This new location will be pretty close to our house (not as close as the Jewel) so hopefully we'll get there often.


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