2 Chocolate Bunnies Down, 10 To Go

After a lot of worrying, swearing, and a big mess, look what popped out of my little mold:  my first chocolate bunny.  I need to take a paring knife and clean up the seams, but I have to say that I'm quite (pleasantly) surprised by how this one turned out.

I was very worried about the tempering of the chocolate, but I since Nat bought *nice* chocolate bars to use, there was more room for error?  I didn't use chips nor those Wilton discs.

That's the great news.   The bad news?  Each one takes forever.  My goal was 12.  I've gotten just two of them done.

The process is such that you temper the chocolate then pour it into the bottom of the mold.  Tap it around and then pour it back out.  Then wait.  And wait.  Until it sets.  All the while keeping the chocolate warm.  Then, you pour in the chocolate again to build up a second layer.  Then pour it out.  And...wait.  Then..repeat a 3rd time.  Soon, you have a bunny that has a cavity in the middle that you can fill with peanut-buttery goodness.

I figure the filling will be done with a bag of sorts.  I've found a few different recipes that call for PB and some combination of powdered sugar and (sometimes) butter.  Then I'll have to seal up the bottoms with more chocolate.

With just 48 hours until Easter, I'm thinking that I might not get to 12.  If I want to do this again next year I either have to get started WAY earlier, or - more likely - buy more molds.


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