Pagoda Bistro Elmhurst

Good Bye Elmhurst Chop Suey.  Hello Pagoda Bistro Elmhurst!  Rising from the carnage of what seemed like a constantly vacant Chop Suey house is this new place that has a nice size dining room and a great location.  Right in Downtown Elmhurst in the City Centre and just a few doors down from the toy store on the east side of York, this *new* place seems that they're aiming for the fast casual dining dollar.  I have no idea if the menu has improved, but the curb appeal - with the new awning - certainly has helped appearances.


  1. Very disapointing. Ordered believing it was Elmhurst Chop Suey. Ordered the small size meals but was never told that they only had one size. Their only size was the quantity of Ekmhurst Chops small order and more expensive than the large price. We new something was wrong right off the bat, food has always delivered within 15 minutes, we waited an hour and 15 minutes. Received 1 packet of soy sauce. Ordered 1 meal spicy hot and asked for extra chilie peppers in oil. Meal delivered not spicy and no extra peppers in oil on the side. Did deliver extra chile peppers right away however. A customer of Elmhurst Chop Suey for over 40 years. I believe Pagoda will need to make changes as soon as possible or will go out of business. ECS was carry out only,another dining in will not bring in more business. :( Good Luck

  2. No One answers the phone ever! How can they advertise that they deliver if they dont answer their phone. Terrible


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