Wine Glass Spike Project?

Nat clipped this page from a catalog (Crate & Barrel, maybe?) and highlighted the two wine glass spikes as something that we should try to build to bring with to Ravinia.  They're NOT listed for sale - they're selling the table and basket and pillow but not those thing.  The appear to be a tubular metal that is bent in a open-ended ring with a spike at the bottom.  Perfect to balance a wine glass on when you're sitting in the grass.

Seems pretty easy, no?  Anyone have any ideas on how to make these work?  Do you need heat to bend the metal in such a manner?  I know you can bend conduit without heat, so guessing this would work the same.


  1. They sell these all over the place, if you don't want to figure out how to make them. For example: . Cheap too ($12,99 for 2). Google "wine glass grass holder"

  2. Good find. At 6.50 a piece it hardly makes any sense to try to recreate them!


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